Friday, January 30, 2009

natural spray?

Exciting news everyone! Lu-n-Am has been offered to try some natural products - for free! We recently received an email from a company call EcoSmart. EcoSmart sells organic pesticide, insecticides and bug repellents. They offered to let us try their products if we would write just a short little review about the products. We've looked at their website and they seem to be true to their word (we don't accept greenwashing here!).

So we are going to give some of their products a try. Once we've seen the results with our eyes, we will give you an update and a decision as to whether or not we think you should give the products a try. The first product we are trying is EcoSmart's Ant and Roach spray. I, shudder, despise roaches, so I hope this stuff works!


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