Monday, June 22, 2009

EcoSmart, update

Here's another update, peeps. This time it's on a product called EcoSmart, which we originally received to try out back in January (read that post here). EcoSmart is a bug spray that is reported to be made of natural ingredients and to effectively kill pesky bugs, like ants, spiders or roaches.

I didn't think I would have to use it, we have never had much a bug problem. But lo and behold this spring has been different. Many spiders and ants and have tried invading our hole-infested apartment so far and after having many philosophical discussions with myself my eek-factor won out and I started spraying the invaders.

The product claims you know it's working when you smell it's fresh spray. I have to say, it smells quite good - very fresh and invigorating. It killed the invaders very quickly and the smelled lingered for quite some time. It was also a very easy cleanup afterward with just a swipe of a wet cloth.

So do I recommend EcoSmart? Yes. If you are in need a natural, clean-smelling, easy and effective bug spray then go for EcoSmart.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fresh Wave, update

(Pic via flickr.)

After three months of using Fresh Wave products in my home (click here to see our first post about the products), I thought it pertinent to give our readers an update on how they worked for me.

Spray: We keep the spray right by the toilet, which is the perfect area to keep clean and fresh smelling. Whenever there's a stink, we sprayed a couple times and voila, a pine-scented bathroom.
Soy Candle: I usually light this candle every evening after supper to kill any smells that may come from the after-meal cleanup or from the trash can. Works great, smells great - my only complaint is that the smoke makes the candle container particularly black.
Crystal Gel: I'm not so sure about this was supposed to contain and prevent smells in the area placed. I've had this gel in our moldy, dank bathroom ever since I received the product, and I have to say - the place is still pretty moldy and dank smelling.

So two pluses and one minus for Fresh Wave. I'd recommend their spray and soy candle but remain unsure about their crystal gel.


Friday, June 19, 2009

RIP herbs.

Sadly, my herbs that I was so excited about (read previous post) have been taken over by these things.and when I say taken over...i mean freaking taken over.

Dear Armadillium Vulgare leader,

I know you that you think you're real cool because you are the only crustaceans who live on land and perform valuable jobs for our environment... But you have super grossed me out and murdered my herbs. I don't like you.


P.S. I am grossed out and will let you live there in peace, until I find someone brave enough to evict you from my cool reusable biodegradable pots.

first attempt at growing my own herb garden----> FAIL

Mistake: I placed the pots on the ground outside on my wee patio too close to soil and foliage where these little guys hangout.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


I received a Solio solar charger just a few weeks ago...and I was so excited - it was like it was Christmas all over again! I had first discovered these solar charges months ago, but I a little while ago I got the opportunity to get one - for free! And so I jumped for it!

Name: Solio
Function: To charge your electronics via the sun! After the device has spent some time hanging out in the sun, all you have to do is plug it in to your electronic device (cell phone, MP3 player, GPS, PDA, digital camera or portable game system) and it watch it charge! It's quite small and very light weight, so it's something you can take anywhere you go, making it oh-so-super-handy. (P.S. it's so cool even the president uses it!) Despite me receiving this for free, I think it would be worth the investment to save the energy you normally use charging the seemingly neverending stash of tiny electionics.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Juice Beauty

We've previously posted about the dangers of most beauty products that are out there. Juice beauty is a line of skin care products made from organic solutions. I stumbled upon some of their products at ROSS (yes, ROSS is a wonderful place to find unique skin care products for super super cheap)

So far I've really enjoyed their 3 step solution (The cleanser, antioxidant serum, and moisturizer) . They also have an interesting blog not only related to their beauty line but to ways of living a greener life and having a greener future.

Links to Check Out:
-Juice Beauty Blog
-Juice Beauty;s Official Website
- (Juice Organics is a line of products from Juice Beauty, but much more affordable and still free of harsh paraben preservatives, synthetic fragrances, petroleum derivatives, artificial dyes, harsh sulfates, and phthalates or toluene. contains 100% vegetarian ingredients)


Thursday, June 4, 2009


After a month-long hiatus (sorry!) lu-n-am is back. And now we'll be back with a vengeance [the latest in our movie series ;)]

Today's post is about a website that I had heard about a couple of months ago but have just now gotten up the energy to look more in to.

The website: Connect2Earth
What it's about: An online community made for greenies just like you and me. It's a place where everyone can come together to discuss important environmental issues and how we are going about solving these issues. Along with the community space for for having these important conversations, the website also hold contests for members to participate in that are connected with important world environmental events.

So go check them out. I have an account there now and so far - so cool. :)
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