Friday, June 19, 2009

RIP herbs.

Sadly, my herbs that I was so excited about (read previous post) have been taken over by these things.and when I say taken over...i mean freaking taken over.

Dear Armadillium Vulgare leader,

I know you that you think you're real cool because you are the only crustaceans who live on land and perform valuable jobs for our environment... But you have super grossed me out and murdered my herbs. I don't like you.


P.S. I am grossed out and will let you live there in peace, until I find someone brave enough to evict you from my cool reusable biodegradable pots.

first attempt at growing my own herb garden----> FAIL

Mistake: I placed the pots on the ground outside on my wee patio too close to soil and foliage where these little guys hangout.

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