Monday, June 22, 2009

EcoSmart, update

Here's another update, peeps. This time it's on a product called EcoSmart, which we originally received to try out back in January (read that post here). EcoSmart is a bug spray that is reported to be made of natural ingredients and to effectively kill pesky bugs, like ants, spiders or roaches.

I didn't think I would have to use it, we have never had much a bug problem. But lo and behold this spring has been different. Many spiders and ants and have tried invading our hole-infested apartment so far and after having many philosophical discussions with myself my eek-factor won out and I started spraying the invaders.

The product claims you know it's working when you smell it's fresh spray. I have to say, it smells quite good - very fresh and invigorating. It killed the invaders very quickly and the smelled lingered for quite some time. It was also a very easy cleanup afterward with just a swipe of a wet cloth.

So do I recommend EcoSmart? Yes. If you are in need a natural, clean-smelling, easy and effective bug spray then go for EcoSmart.

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