Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrate the Earth!

Hey guys and gals! It's Earth Day! So go outside, play in the sun, jump in a lake, plant a tree, smile with the sun! Go celebrate this wonderful planet we're living on and show it some love!

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(From we heart it.)

~Lots of Love~
Lu, Am & Kimberly

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day!

Oh yes - it's our day! The day we wait for every year: Earth Day! Ok, it's not today - but tomorrow and we're excited!

(From we heart it.)

Here in Asheville, NC we consider ourselves to be pretty Earth and eco friendly, and we have a joyous time on Earth Day. We have celebrations before, on, and after Earth Day.

To see what goes down in the A-Ville for Earth Day, look below:
-Other celebrations

What does your city do for this glorious day? We'd love to know!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wow, guys

Sorry. We haven't posted since the 2nd of April. We're truly sorry. We've been slacking. We've been tired. We've been...well we've been living our lives.

(From we_heart_it.)

Lu's been...finishing up her semester. This isn't her last one, but almost. She'll be graduating in December.

Am's been...trying to establish a writing career via various freelancing sites and doing some writing for whoever will take her.

All the while, we've been trying to stay green. It's pretty successful most of the time. We try to do our best.

What have you been doing?

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Earth Hour 2009

This is so awesome, check out this link and click on the picture to watch the before and and during Earth Hour throughout the world.


DIY creative living.

So I wrote about this in my other blog, but I thought I would share with Lu n' Am readers... because we're all about some creative ideas and projects.

Make your own holiday banners, birthday banners, welcome home, happy _____ day banner....

or even better make a banner for a special someone today and surprise them..just because you love them.

These are very easy to make and take very little time. I made one for my mom for her birthday just this week.

1.Just find the letters that you want...the internet or magazines are a good place to look. I used Google image search and typed: letter H or Letter A, whatever letter or symbol you need...and tons of letter images came up. searching for extra little images or cliparts that have to do with your theme is also a good idea. (for example I printed a picture of a cupcake and balloons)

2.Print them out, cut them out.

3.Glue them on sturdier paper (i used colored note cards)

4.Tape them on a string or ribbon.

and Voila! you have yourself a very cute and personalized banner. and of course don't forget to reuse them for the next occasion. ;)


P.S. My herbs are growing! :)
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