Thursday, April 2, 2009

DIY creative living.

So I wrote about this in my other blog, but I thought I would share with Lu n' Am readers... because we're all about some creative ideas and projects.

Make your own holiday banners, birthday banners, welcome home, happy _____ day banner....

or even better make a banner for a special someone today and surprise them..just because you love them.

These are very easy to make and take very little time. I made one for my mom for her birthday just this week.

1.Just find the letters that you want...the internet or magazines are a good place to look. I used Google image search and typed: letter H or Letter A, whatever letter or symbol you need...and tons of letter images came up. searching for extra little images or cliparts that have to do with your theme is also a good idea. (for example I printed a picture of a cupcake and balloons)

2.Print them out, cut them out.

3.Glue them on sturdier paper (i used colored note cards)

4.Tape them on a string or ribbon.

and Voila! you have yourself a very cute and personalized banner. and of course don't forget to reuse them for the next occasion. ;)


P.S. My herbs are growing! :)
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