Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fresh Wave, update

(Pic via flickr.)

After three months of using Fresh Wave products in my home (click here to see our first post about the products), I thought it pertinent to give our readers an update on how they worked for me.

Spray: We keep the spray right by the toilet, which is the perfect area to keep clean and fresh smelling. Whenever there's a stink, we sprayed a couple times and voila, a pine-scented bathroom.
Soy Candle: I usually light this candle every evening after supper to kill any smells that may come from the after-meal cleanup or from the trash can. Works great, smells great - my only complaint is that the smoke makes the candle container particularly black.
Crystal Gel: I'm not so sure about this was supposed to contain and prevent smells in the area placed. I've had this gel in our moldy, dank bathroom ever since I received the product, and I have to say - the place is still pretty moldy and dank smelling.

So two pluses and one minus for Fresh Wave. I'd recommend their spray and soy candle but remain unsure about their crystal gel.

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