Friday, November 21, 2008

Email with a Difference

Today's tip finds us in cyberspace... emailing with a difference! is the "the largest online community of people passionate about making a difference". The site was started back in 1998 by concerned citizen and activist, Randy Paynter. Today has over 9 million members, 400 nonprofit partners and hundreds of responsible advertisers contribute to making powerful, positive changes in our world.

The site not only hosts email accounts with groovy addresses like ",,, and" but has fabulous sections where you can:

* read news stories from around the world
* click to donate to causes that support the environment, the ocean, the rainforest and children
* send environmental-themed E-cards
* sign a petition on causes ranging from human rights, animal welfare and health policies
* shop for eco-friendly products
* further your healthy and green living lifestyle with recipes and health and wellness tips
* learn how to make a difference each day with the daily action section
* meet other like-minded people in the Care2 community

I have been a member since 2003 and have really enjoyed networking, furthering my knowledge on causes around the world, and earning butterflies ("Butterflies are Care2's way of saying "thank you" for taking the time to make a difference. Members receive butterflies for signing Petitions, creating a petition, clicking on Care2's "Click to Donate" Races, and completing Daily Actions.").
We are all using the internet these days, so why not check email and do some good at the same time by supporting


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