Friday, November 28, 2008


In my last visit to the lovely Lulu (way back in September), I walked many miles around Lu's campus (UT). While there, I noticed not only were that there were tons and tons of students walking to classes (OMG! UT is so big! I went to a college that has 100 times less students!), but that were also tons of students using the bus system.

(Pic from sleepless_aquarius, via Flickr.)

Knoxville's transit system is called KAT (Knoxville Area Transit), and I was impressed to find out that they use alternative fuels in the running of their buses. In further research, I discovered many of their buses are ran on biodiesel.

I am so happy to make this discovery. Especially, since I found it in a place where I did not expect it. I took a vacation from Asheville to Knoxville, and what did I find? Some of Asheville's best values right in the heart of a giant college campus. :)

So the next time you are in Knoxville make sure you use the bus system. You'll be helping out both the city of Knoxville and the planet Earth.


Earth Jeweler said...

Hi Lu and Am,
You have received awards !!! Yes really ! Go to my blog to pick them up...

A Roller Girl said...

thank you so much! we'll pick them asap.

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