Friday, December 26, 2008

earth friendly family fun!

We hope everyone is having a very happy Christmas! Whilst we are still enjoying this festive season, I had to take time out to recommend two more great green book finds - i love dirt! and Eco Friendly Families.

The first selection includes 52 activities/suggestions to introduce your children to the beauty of the natural world. I love that this book is divided into the four seasons. The activities are geared toward stimulating such things as 'stewardship and caring toward living things', 'curiosity and exploration', and 'awareness of weather patterns' amongst many other subject areas. Though the book may initially seem a bit simplistic, I love that it gives prompts to parents to get the "environmental juices" flowing. I look forward to diving in with my two girls.

I haven't had a chance to examine Eco Friendly Families very closely yet but I look forward to learning more ways to involve the girls in our ongoing quest to embrace a green lifestyle.

I would love to hear from our you have any activities which inspire the next generation of greenies?


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