Sunday, December 14, 2008

tis the holiday season!

(Martha Wreath Ideas)

It's the holiday and there is no better way of getting in the spirit then by making your own Christmas decorations. Martha Stewart of France and I have been making 3d paper snowflakes like mad crazy! They make a lovely edition to our Christmas decorations (especially since there hasn't been any real snowflakes thus far) and we will be using them next year and the year after that...
( How About Orange... = A wonderful blog full of tutorials and useful resources)

Making your own holiday decorations equals...

1. Quality bonding time with a loved one
2. A unique and personal touch to your home
3. Many Bragging moments when guest come in and say "oh my...these are lovely decorations!"... "oh why thank you...i made them" (shrugs)
4. Saves you from throwing your money towards excess Christmas consumerism
5. An Way of recycling materials, and reusing them next year.
6. Fun!

those are plenty of reasons to get crafty.

if you don't have the time this busy holiday. here is a wonderful secret to getting cheap, environmentally friendly (reused) decorations.....(drum roll)

Thrift stores!!!!!!!! At good thrift stores, and there are plenty out there, they have tons of decorations, some of them are really retro and "different". those are my favorites.

The interweb is full of creative people. Check out these links if you're in the mood for making some decorations.

-How About Orange (New fan of this blog...seriously it's worth the click)
-Martha Stewart (oh Martha, how we love thee, these holiday crafts are oh so nice)
-Craftzine (Instructions on projects are well explained,original ideas)
-Inside A Black Apple
(I definitely wont be buying those little to/from tags anymore, I will make my own, or just print some out on scrapped paper/reusable paper, some of these blogs are giving them to us as gifts! Inside A Black Apple has some really unique printable gift tags, just click on that link, you won't regret this click either)
-Craft Gossip (You'll find everything you hoped and wanted to find here)

Again, I am constantly amazed at all of the talented and creative people that are out there, and I am very thankful that these people are willing to share their creations with us and some of them even willing to share the secret to making these creations. If you have any Holiday decoration ideas or links you are willing to share with Lu-n-Am readers. comment away. It is possible to stay away from all of that excess Christmas commercialism and consumerism and still have a very wonderful Christmas.



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