Friday, July 17, 2009

Evan Healy


This is my new absolute favorite facial care line: EvanHealy.

I've always had trouble with acne. I had it terribly in my teens and now in my twenties I've had to battle with with because of the birth control pills I take. What I had been using had been working until two or three months ago when I started a new brand of pills and my face or my acne cream couldn't fight any longer and gave in miserably.

Yet on driving to my favorite grocery store, Greenlife, I decided that I would go forward and see what Greenlife's beauty department had in the line of acne medicine. I was in luck. Greenlife carries only organic and natural food and products and this includes their beauty products. After scanning over the products and finding what seemed to be the perfect choice for my problems (the EvanHealy line), I balked at its price. It was $30!!! Granted, what I found was a kit and had five products in it, but I just hoped that I didn't have to spend this too often.

Encouraged by my beau, I asked one of the staff near the beauty counter and asked her for advice. She immediately pointed to the EvanHealy "Blemish" line. I told her my problem with the price and she pointed out a few others which she said had worked ok for her but that she had recently been using this EvanHealy line and it was working really well for her and that all the ingrediants in the line were recognizable and safe.

So I bought it. And I love it! The "Blemish" kit was supposed to last me 7-10 days but it's lasted me much longer. Here's what came in the kit:
-Tea Tree Gel Cleanser: This is a really light and refreshing lather, specially for blemished skin.
-Rosehip Treatment Facial Oil-Blue: This is for sensitive, irritated or oily skin. I mix it with the hydrosol. It has a nice light scent, as well.
-Orange Blossom Facial Tonic Hydrosol: This has a light, sweet smell and I mix it with the oil and rub on my face. It's made for all skin types.
-Blemish Treatment Roll-On: I use this handy roll-on to remedy specific acne areas. It's simple, I only wish it would dry quicker. It takes a while.
-Green Tea Clay: I haven't used this but I think I should. I've heard so many good things about clay and I'm excited to give it a try. It's to be used once a week.

One of my favorite things about using this line is the way I smell after I use it. I feel so refreshed. All the scents refresh me and my face's skin.
If you want to make an investment in an amazing, effective, refreshing, and safe skin care line then go for EvanHealy. I think I'm going to try the clay mask right now!

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