Wednesday, August 20, 2008

good lists & tips

I am huge fan of lists. And I especially love to read a new list of "ways to be live sustainably." There are so many of these kind of lists out there in this big world. These lists almost always consist of overlapping information that I've read 100 times already, but I usually find little new nuggets of wisdom every time in these lists.

A good website for tips and lists galore of ways to live more sustainably, more energy efficiently, more green, etc. is Co-Op America. I think I somehow got on their mailing list a while ago, and they've been sending me random information and tips on how live in these ways. These tips have been sitting magnetically attached to my fridge for months now and I just today decided to read over them. After being educated a little bit more by these tips, I went to the organization's website.

I particularly like these three lists. Read up on these tips when you get a minute - because that's all it takes to read each of them!


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