Sunday, August 31, 2008

using your local resources to get "new" items

I've just moved into a new place. And most people, when moving into a new abode, think about getting, and usually do get, new furniture. Well, I have to admit the place I moved into is fully furnished so there are no wild purchases of furniture this time. But I hope to be moving into another place in another four months or so. And when this move happens I shall be purchasing some new items.

But it would be foolish, and hypocritical, on my part to actually buy "new" things. So what I plan on doing is checking out my various "once used" stores and seeing what they have in store. Stores and places on the list are:
1 Goodwill.

2 Salvation Army.
3 Habitat for Humanity.
4 Thrift Stores.
5 Antique Stores.
6 Craigslist.
7 Freecycle.
8 Yard Sales.

When I do find something worthy of decorating my home with, I plan on doing whatever I need to do to it to restore the furniture to its best condition and to my specific visions. By spending barely any money on once used furniture and making it look its best, I will be achieving many positives objectives: saving trees by not having anything new made for me, saving the emissions of greenhouse gases by not having anything new made for me, saving money by buying
something used, and flexing my creative muscles by redecorating a piece of furniture.

You've probably already seen posts on here where Lu did exactly what I'm talking about. She found sweet little deals on furniture in thrift stores and then revamped the pieces into cool and useful items for the home.

And speaking of freecycle, here's another online community/store you should check out that is based solely around "swapping" clothes. It's a new interest of mine!


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