Monday, September 15, 2008

a christmas list - yes!

I've been on a creative/drawing tirade this week. And it has felt good! Part of this tirade has included me drawing things that I want to make for my loved ones for this upcoming seasonal holiday (i.e. Christmas!). I know it's kind of ridiculous to think about Christmas already but I know I'm not the only one who thinks ahead so far in advance! Trust me, I know there are plenty of you who would love to get things done at least a month in advance. And so would I, but the thing is that I usually never take the steps to get this business done in time. And now that I've gone off on some random rant...I'll get back to the point of this entry: the Christmas list. Here is what I have been doodling (if I had a camera I would have totally taken a picture of my thoughts):

Making a headband and embellishing it for the friend who loves...what else - headbands!
Making a wallet for someone who is in serious need of a new one. I think I want it to look something like this one.
Making a painting for someone who has requested this a looong time ago.
Making a to-do list that is handmade and hand-designed.

...A lot of "making," no?

Also, I have some friends/associates birthdays coming up and I have a few projects in mind for those peeps:

Making some paper, on my own, and stamping w/this excellent stamp I've created in my head.
Making two cards: one w/a big ole heart and one w/a kitty representing the birthday person's much-loved kitty.
Making some earrings for a friend who can never have enough jewelry.

(Some inspiration via Your Impact Matters.)

I intend on having a sustainable and green Christmas this year and by doing a whole lotta "making," I hope to achieve a Christmas where I keep away from plastic containers and generic presents.


L.L. Barkat said...

Love the stamped paper. My girls and I always make our Christmas paper. What fun we have!

lu-n-am said...

i know isn't that paper just awesome! you should def. check our her site and make some more!

thanks for the comment!

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