Saturday, September 20, 2008


I say whoa! because look who is updating for a change ;) Lu here, sorry for the lack of posts on my part, I have been a busy and diligent little student preparing for an art show in October and taking 18hours of classes. But enough excuses...cause non of them should count.

I've come to write about these lovely notebooks...that not only are cute, creative, and unique...but Recycled! and oh so easy to make.

My sweet mother (Martha Stewart of France) has made me several of them, and I have used them for study notes, journals, and even sketch books.
All you need is...
Paper scraps...and we can find those everywhere...just look around a printer- discarded printer paper is perfect, just use the clean side! take your old notes from last semester, who needs to remember about that geography chapter on soil...(my mother has now turned this chapter into a cute recycled notebook)
Some staples ( if you want to sew yours with cute string...go for it! the quick way is staples.
One sheet of prettier paper for the cover. (you could use a collage, some of your old art, patterned paper, old calendar creative this will be your cover.)
and last of all some clear duct tape to reinforce the side.
and voila!

Photos and examples from our beloved Etsy. Don't feel like making your own, Subu's handmade recycled notebooks, journals, books, and notepads are awfully cute.


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