Tuesday, September 16, 2008

oh yes, i'm writing a book!

For inspiration, I've been checking out other "green" books and guides. The following are the ones I'm looking at currently:

Gorgeously Green (borrowing it from Lu and browsing through it to get some ideas.)
The Lazy Environmentalist (bull-crud writing but has really, really good list of companies and resources.)
The Green Book (have barely peeked at it, but it seems to be a really rudimentary guide.)

Other than the pure fact that I love writing and I love the idea of writing books, my points in writing a book about being green and doing it yourself are many. I really find it irritating that many of the "green-touting" books out there present their ways to helping the earth by emphasizing the purchase of new products. Let's get this straight folks - buying NEW things (i.e. being consumers) will in NO way help the earth. You are helping the economy; not the environment. So for this book I'm writing I want to emphasize a green life where you do not have to sacrifice your good style and taste to achieve a better and sustainable life. You can do this while consuming less. You can do this and remain fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. It's the D-I-Y life; it's the turning "trash into treasure" life; AND it's the green and sustainable life. Make book will show everyone how to do all of these things. I want to make this book, this information and this kind of life accessible and affordable to ALL. This book will:

1. Show you how to do it yourself for household cleaning products.
2. Show you how to do it yourself for beauty and health products.
3. Show you how to do it yourself for clothing and other cloth items.
4. Show you how to do it yourself for gardening and making dishes from your garden.
5. Show you how to do it yourself when decorating your home and apersonal spaces.
6. List the things to buy that are affordable and that make a significant difference.

Some ideas for titles of the book:
Living a Green Life: Consume less! Create more!
Becoming Green: Without Being a Consumerist and Remaining Stylish
Sustainable Living & DIY Living: Fellow Bedmates



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