Wednesday, September 10, 2008

how can i recycle this?

I love when I discover new eco-minded websites! One of the latest finds today is the How Can I Recycle This? Blog. This is such a great idea for a blog! Every day I try to think about what I am using and what I am throwing away. I am always thinking...can I recycle this? And if not, how can I reuse it? And if not, what can I possibly do with this that won't contribute to the miles of waste that is climbing higher everyday?

This U.K.-based website attempts to answer all of these questions. Readers and other concerned citizens email recycling questions to the authors of the site. The authors then answer, to the best of their abilities, these concerns and questions. The questioned products range from high heels to chapstick to baby wipe containers.

(Ugh. What. an. eyesore. Pic from Editor B, on Flickr.)

It's a great site, and I love reading about how to recycle things most people wouldn't even consider recycling. So check it out, email the authors a question, and good luck on your journey to recycling and reusing everything in your life! :)


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