Sunday, September 14, 2008

zip cars

Don't have a car? Well, I don't. Although I know it helps me maintain a smaller footprint on this Earth, it makes it incredibly inconvenient for me now that I don't live in the city. Having no car doesn't mean you're stranded though. There are lots of options! (Especially if you live in a public transportation-friendly city!) Here is what I have available to me in Asheville:

-City Bus (Not the best in Asheville; needs more routes and more frequent routes.)
-Greyhound Bus (...For when I need to go to another city, although it can be a bit on the sketchy side sometimes.)
-Bicycle (Yay for bicycles; unfortunately, I really can't ride one.)
-Renting a Car (...For when you are going on that road trip!)

(A Zip Car!)

There are many more options then these, of course, for others, but one option I recently found was the Zip Car. Zip Car is technically rental cars but there's a twist to these. Zip Car is actually a "car sharing" company. Zip Car's mission is to make it where people use cars less often and, therefore, so that less cars will be bought.

To find out more about Zip Car and to see if they are available in your area, visit


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