Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Figs & Ginger

I'm sitting in a dark valley and listening to the sound of rain on the roof of my cave. And while this visual is...comforting, disturbing, relaxing...I wanted to talk about a neat little local jewelry shop. I've mentioned it earlier, but I thought I'd elaborate further.

The cute little jewelry shop I speak of is called Figs & Ginger. And if the name wasn't cute enough for you, get a load of their irresistibly charming and whimsical jewelry:

(Super cute, right?)

Figs & Ginger is an "eco-friendly metal-smithing inspired by forests." It's located just a few minutes outside of Asheville and is serious about living and working a green and sustainable life. They use recycled and reclaimed silver and gold in their pieces, are building a passive solar studio, using earth friendly jewelry tools and products, use all eco-friendly paper products, recycle everything, drive mopeds and use green packaging.

I think I'm in love with them. Or at least in love with what they do. And love that they are doing right in my own neighborhood - er - area.


Anderburf said...

Figs and Ginger look like they have some cute pieces! Another cool spot I have found for eco-friendly and hand made jewelry is All Wired Up jewelry I really love the multi-functional necklace since I can wear it many different ways.

lu-n-am said...

thanks for the link! the jewelry seems really neat.

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