Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sorry guys, it's been a week. Yes, a whole week since any of us has written an entry. Our profoundest apologies. So let's get on with the business of the day: blogging!

I'm of the belief that to make our world a green and sustainable world we are going to have to make this way of life accessible and affordable to EVERYONE. This is the only way. If everyone can access it and afford it, then everyone can do it and will want to do it.

This brings me to solar power. Right now, solar power is one of the most expensive forms of alternative energy. It literally costs tens of thousands of get the sources and to convert. Yet, I find it to be one of the most promising alternatives. So for solar power, we are going to have to find new and cheaper ways to make this energy source work for everybody.

(A D-I-Y solar power kit.)

This leads me to the discovery of a $600 D-I-Y solar power kit. This little kit will give you enough power to use some objects around your home (for instance, in one week it will give you enough energy to power your laptop for 40 hours.). Don't get me wrong, $600 isn't really cheap to me. Trust me, this post-graduate girl will not be getting one for herself anytime soon. But it's a start. And for many families and small businesses, this kit could make the perfect start! Plus, I'm a firm believer that every little thing counts...and many little things add up to one big thing!


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