Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Target Post

Instead of being a diligent student, I was browsing the Target website.And I am very impressed with their eco-friendly section. (although I still think if it has the word recycled, eco-friendly, or green in the description, the prices seem to be magically higher). <---- This makes absolutely no sense to me, if it's recycled and good for the planet shouldn't it be cheaper and more affordable? 2 Eco-Friendly Target finds we all need:
Reusable Batteries: Peeps, we have the resources and technology to make batteries that will last you a long time...this means these babies are environmentally friendly and a source of renewable energy (cutting the production of single use alkaline batteries), more sustainable, and in the end saving you some money. -----> = a good buy For more information and top quality rechargeable batteries this is a great site.(
Water Purification Filter
- You can't go wrong with these. Knoxville water isn't so tasty...and who knows what it contains. Water bottles and jugs equals a big no no. So just filter it. It costs some money to replace the filters every few months, but buying plastic water bottles and jugs on a weekly basis quickly surpasses that amount.

Some cute eco-friendly Target finds (I really want but can't afford at this time) :( :
Totes Eco Umbrella- These are made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles!They should sell these in amusement parks, everyone is always scrambling to buy umbrellas and ponchos when they feel a few drops of rain.
Lipper International Bamboo Tea Box
I love tea, and this little bamboo box is adorable.
pb Bamboo Travel Eye Mask: I am all about some eye masks. My roommate and I even had a "competition" to see who had the comfiest eye mask. We are hooked. Anyways, I wonder if bamboo fabric is soft and comfy?

I think that is enough procrastination on my part for one day. ;) Anyways, check out the eco-friendly section at target. They have cute things. again, some of these are way way overpriced and often times not really "needed".
but..hey, whats wrong with a little shopping every now and then. *shrugs*



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