Wednesday, October 1, 2008

peas and carrots

Found this super-super cute website,called peas and carrots. It's a cute recycled-craft blog. The blogger seems like a particularly young lady, and which leads me to saying that for her age she is such an awesome and amazing crafter. Especially since she's one who uses reused and recycled products in/as her craft pieces.

Some of my favorite pieces of her's are cute earrings and necklaces made from old beer and bottle caps and "fused" plastic pins made from old plastic bags.

(Flower pins made by peas and carrots.)

It's all pure sweetness. She's an inspiration. I, actually, have a butt-ton of bottle caps waiting around for me to turn them into something cute and useful. And peas and carrots has shown me the way!

(Bottle cap necklaces at the Bel Air Festival for the Arts.)

On a side note: My good friend and great blogger Sensiblekitty has recently gotten an internship at the raddest local jewelry-making joint, ever - figs and ginger. I want to wish her congrats and good luck in her new venture - she always finds the sweetest places to work for!


Jillian said...

thanks so much for your kind words!It really means a lot that you support my art and have found inspiration:)im glad that u feel inspired to create something from all your old bottle caps. Don't let em go to waist:)

lu-n-am said...

you are so welcome! i love finding blogs like yours!

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