Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Green Decorating Continued

So last week I wrote a post about the fabric panels I made using two vintage patterned hand towels I found at a thrift store. Turns out I had two of them left and I asked my mom to make me a pillow with them. My mom, as we have mentioned before, is seriously a Martha Stewart.

And so now I have a matching pillow for the price of only 4 dollars (2 hand towels) and the pillow was already owned just not covered by such loveliness.

Merci Maman! :)
( I really need to learn how to sew)

And why is this worthy of sharing on Lu n' Am? because it only cost me four dollars, the help of a talented mother, and it is entirely made of reused materials.

decorating really doesn't have to be expensive or consisting of "new" everything...

and speaking of green decorating...this new blog is very worthy of a visit.
- Pure Green Design
("Pure Green is a blog dedicated to delivering green style to anyone, anywhere...")
do check it out!



CĂ©line said...

thanks for the link ladies! Your pillow looks great! I'm a new sewer (?) myself, and apart from feeling overly domestic, I love it! Pillows are about the limit of my expertise, but I'm about to tackle some drapes, so I'll let you know how that goes!

lu-n-am said...

thanks to you too celine! we love your blog & we're super-excited about your book!

Anonymous said...

Comfortable pillow perfect for your bed.

Laby[big & tall suits]

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