Monday, February 9, 2009

Green Decorating

I have recently moved into a new apt, and lately I have been on a constant hunt for creative ways to decorate my new home. Mitchell and I have a very wee budget (the poor college student kind), and according to certain Decor magazines, furniture & living stores decorating tastefully is NOT cheap. Thankfully, that is not at all the truth. With all of the resources out there, I am absolutely convinced that one does not need tons of moolah and NEW decor/furniture to make a space fabulous.

This is where fellow bloggers come in. The internet is full of creative people who are willing to share that creativity with us. They practically do all the work, they come up with a project, take pictures, give suggestions, write patterns, give us printable projects or step by step directions for us to DIY.

So here is my latest little project. I have to admit I am quite proud of this one, because when it comes to anything that has to do with fabric...I am absolutely clueless. But once again, someone else pretty much did all the work by giving me step by step directions :)

Fabric Panels/Canvas

This project was so simple to make and not expensive at all. Most of you have probably seen these before.
I had previously bought several 3 dollar canvas frames at Big Lots (woot woot, I love Big Lots), and so I thought they would be the perfect size for this project.
I bought the fabric at a vintage/thrift store in Knoxvegas.

Fabric= A set of 4 hand towels for the price of six meager dollars. (My mom is making a pillow cover with the other two towels).
and then I looked up how to make fabric panels online...and stumbled upon this source. (<--- so click on that link for better directions than I would probably give you ;) I'm pretty sure we've mentioned How About Orange before :)

When it comes to decorating, I am a strong believer that buying new isn't always the best option. There are already so many used but unique materials that can be salvaged out there. And there are plenty of creative people around us to tell us how to salvage them.

Happy Tuesday!



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