Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Seven Star Events

Need to throw a huge, huge, huge event but want it to be green and safer for the earth? Then call on Seven Star Events. Based in Asheville, Seven Star Events has "provided turn-key green event services for festivals, trade and consumer expositions, conferences, concerts, and mobile tours."

I actually met the VP of Business Development, Joseph B. Malki, in 2007 when I applied for a job with them. Everyone was super nice, and I loved the house they were stationed in. Plus, I adored the line of shoes by the door - it reminded a lot of college for some reason.

They also have internships, which help students learn the ropes in event planning in a sustainable and environmentally-healthy way. I am super interested in them because of all of these factors and I'd really love to get an internship with them. I want to work for a company that is passionate and caring about our Earth and I think they are a pretty good choice, don't you?

To find out more info about Seven Star Events, check them out here.


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