Monday, February 23, 2009

movie rentals

Here's a debate that takes into consideration a variety of factors: where to rent movies. Such factors to take into consideration are, of course, money, environmental impact, convenience and economic impact (not the same thing as money).

The places I frequent to rent movies are:

Rosebud Video
UNCA library
Public library

Other places I could rent movies from:

Other chain movie stores
Other local/non-chain stores

Or I could just watch movies online via a variety of movie-watching sites (for free and not-free) Netflix, Itunes, YouTube and SurfTheChannel.

What do you think is the most eco-friendly & affordable place to rent movies? Your local rental place or an online site? What's the best thing to do when you're aching for a good cinematic experience?


Lu. Lu. said...

netflix! for sure

Kimberly said...

I am definitely a huge fan of Netflix! I have seen more wonderful documentaries in the last month because I can download them from Netflix via Marcus's Xbox.

Small Footprints said...

Wow! Excellent question! I've never thought about renting movies and the environment. Now I will!

I tend to watch movies from the internet ... usually free movies from Fancast or HuLu. I don't usually go to theaters ... it's just gotten way too expensive.

Great question and worth some consideration!

BTW ... I just saw you listed in Blog Asheville. We're neighbors!! :) Nice to see you there!

Small Footprints

JessiKirk said...

The online ones are great, and if you're not near rental store then online rentals, via mail or online are probably the way to go. However, if you can walk or bike to a local rental store (locally-run being the better option over a chain store, although you didn't hear that from me) that might be a better choice. Watching movies over the inernet would use more energy than just a DVD player, and it seems that a mail service would use more paper than a rental from a store. However, I've neer seen any numbers on this. If anyone does know for sure, that would be great information to spread around.

lu-n-am said...

well, golly-gee-willakers, folks - we're flattered by all the comments. ;)

lu&kimbery:we're trying out netflix right now & i have to say, i just might be a convert!

smallfootprints: hello there, neighbor!

jessikirk: we really love our local rental store, Rosebud - it's has the best foreign film section EVER & the staff are super nice & know us by name (& it's dog friendly!). but netflix just may have pulled us in. i love how fast it is & how much there is. we'll have to search around for some stats, stat. ;)


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