Friday, February 27, 2009

a green potluck

So yesterday was my 24th my bday and, boy, was it ever a blast! We'd tried to make it as green as possible. Our efforts included:

-Organic Chips & Dip from our fav. grocery store Greenlife
-Handmade Pizzas made from organic flour
-No use of plastic plates/cups or flatware (we happen to have a surplus of the glass & silver kind, respectively).
-Carpooling of guests.
-Local beer for the drinking from the awesome microbrewery Highland Brewing Co.

It was a last minute event, so I think we did pretty well doing our best to be environmentally aware in the party plans. What other green activities do you do when planning a party?

(A sampling of my handmade pizzas.)

To read more about the joyous activities from last night, check out the Roller Girl post, here.


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