Wednesday, March 4, 2009

that project from way back when..

Remember a long, long time ago (oh, let's say right around we first started this blog...) when I professed the greatness of DIY and crafty projects & and how they are innately part of living green? And how I'd be working on projects regularly and be sharing them with you?

You remember that? No? Good...because we are now introducing crafty wednesday! (;])

With over 2 years worth of collecting beer bottle caps, I decided with the beau to decorate our wonderfully antique treasure chest (used as a coffee table in our living room) with the collection. Once we finally got started the project flew by. The only thing(s) stopping us from completing it is some more super-glue & a pane of hard, heavy glass.

(Mostly) Beer Cap Table

We all know that there are tons of things you can do with beer caps (or any caps for that matter) necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry. But this is what we decided to do...add some color (and flavor?) to an antique piece. What have you done with bottle caps?

More pics to come when we've, finally, finished it.



Small Footprints said...

Very cool idea ... it's looks great!

Bottle cap jewelry? Hm ... that's interesting!!

Thanks for sharing and crafting!

Small Footprints

A Roller Girl said...

Thanks! We love it. Yeah, bottle cap jewelry was waaay popular back in middle school. ;)

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