Friday, March 6, 2009

On the [Makeup] Hunt

I recently finished my favorite powder (MAC - hottt). But I decided long ago that whenever I finished my old makeup/beauty products, the next I'd try would be the healthier and safer green ones. So now I'm on the makeup hunt. I want something of the same caliber as MAC (and the same price range) but made up of healthier ingredients.In my hunt, I went over to the Nature of Beauty to look around at some green beauty goods. The ingredient list(s) are impressive and the price range is acceptable for me. The only caveat I found was their lack pictures (of the different powder colors). I don't want to get a powder that is meant for a fair-faced gal when I am an olive-skinned chica. Ya get me?

So I'm in need of a green makeup line that has good and accurate pics of their makeup so I know exactly what I'm getting. Any ideas?


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