Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finding New Uses for Old Things

In my own home, I am always trying to find more ways to be more organized - to live in a way that's cute and stylish as well as easy and no-fuss. So that's why I get super-excited when I think of new ways to use things.

For instance, this week I decided to use some used glasses in my bathroom. I used a pretty grenadine bottle and a conveniently small (and quaint) Maille mustard bottle to hold razors. I already use various small plates and bowls to hold our shower products (our bathroom is very prone to mold - we basically live in a basement). This week I added a lid of a rice container (it's big, round and pretty purple color) to one of the plates to separate the soap from the shaving cream can. I used a tea bottle to put our toothbrushes in and to keep them off the often gross sink.

So the next time you're in search of a new item for your home (either for practical or purely aesthetic purposes) look around your recycling and see if anything in there suits your tastes!


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