Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making soy candles

I really, really love candles. And something I've tried to use more of, because of the health effects for one and all, are soy candles.

Some facts about soy candles vs. paraffin candles (via this site):
-Paraffin wax is made of petro (foreign oil dependence!).
-But soy wax is American made and made of soy!
-Paraffin wax has many carcinogenic (cancer causing) compounds.

In this vane, I've been reading up, mainly on this site, on how to make soy candles. It seems fairly easy. I plan on getting the supplies this week and trying it out. I don't need much: soy wax flakes, containers/candle molds, essential oil, wicks and....? That's all folks.

If you're interested in buying soy candles yourself, there are plenty of places that sale them these days. But my favorite place to drool over candles is Etsy.



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