Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My little projects

I've had lots of time my hands lately. I've been unemployed for a while now. And while the I've been looking for well over four months now, it's in the last two months that the job hunt has become particularly hard and fatiguing, but that's a whole other post to be written. Since I've had beaucoups of time to play around with (I also usually get up at 6:30 in the morning 5 days of the week - because of my student teacher bf), I've been dabbling in some arts and crafts projects.

(The address book I made.)

Last week, I felt super-house-wifey and repaired a pair of the bf's work pants. In a fury one night, I made a tiny journal for him (wallet-sized) so he could always be able to write down his thoughts and ideas. This little frenzy turned into a full out project the next day. I made an address book!

I plan on making me more. They make me excited about writing stuff down. Of course, I like writing on anything - really.



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