Thursday, February 12, 2009

a "green guide"

I just adore reading National Geographic normally. They have wonderful pictures and great articles about really interesting topics. But lately I've been obsessed with reading their "Green Guides."

(Source found here.)

Right now I'm reading their Winter 09 guide and it's filled lots of facts and tidbits about going green. My favorite section though is their "One Green Year" article that extends for eight pages. This articles goes into pretty good detail about how you can "go green" by taking steps daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. It is an excellent article with ideas and suggestions for lists to keep track of your carbon footprint and your progress throughout the year.

I also really enjoy the advertisements in the magazine. All of them are related to being green, organic and natural. I don't really encouragement consumerism, but I enjoy seeing what my alternatives are as opposed to McDonald's and Wal-Mart ads.



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