Monday, July 14, 2008

#4, for Sustainable Living

I hope you're not reading this as you're getting ready to head to bed, but, honestly, we really need to talk about a certain nasty little monster in your home. He's the one that silently and secretly shoots your electricity bills through the roof. He's the one that slowly sucks all the energy out of you and your home. He's the...NO! Not him! Yes, he's the dreaded vampire energy sucker. (cue the "dun, dun, dun...")

(Seem familiar? [Photo courtesy of snowdaisy.] )

Yes, boys and girls I'm talking about that vampire, who is so subtle, some might also call him a phantom. The vampire energy sucker sips the energy from your home by continuing to use electricity when you don't unplug your electronics. We all already know that we should turn off the lights in a room that we're no longer using. But what hasn't been as widely spread is that we should be unplugging our electronics when we're not using them. Most electronics will still use energy even after you turn them off. These sort of electronics are your: microwave, tv, phone charger, laptop charger, lamps, fans, stereo, and other various appliances.

There used to be this thing that was said that basically encouraged people to not turn off their lights. This thought process with this thing was that it would take more energy (electricity) turning your lights on and off over and over again than it would if you turned off your lights at the end of the day. But over the years, studies have shown this little suspicion is incorrect.

The moral of the story, kids, is: unplug anything (that's reasonably within reach) after you use it! Do this especially with your electronics! I do this with everything that I can reach!


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