Thursday, July 31, 2008

A little birdy told me...

...a little secret to save some money! I was hanging out with the fab. sensiblekitty last night and her sweet beau and they let me in on a little save-money secret. We were eating some rice and fresh veggies that they had gotten from my fav. Greenlife.

(Source: flickr.)

Mentioning how good the veggies were, they told me they had actually gotten them from the store's salad bar. And that's how they save money...instead of paying ridiculous amounts of moolah on the organic veggies there, they just get them from the salad bar. They got three servings full of red and yellow bell peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and broccoli for just three dollars! And not only were they so much cheaper, but they were also already all cut up - no slicing and dicing here (unless you count that they were slicing and dicing time!).


Kimberly said...

I had never thought of that before, Am. I will definitely give that a try when I am at Earth Fare next time. I just love your blog, I always walk away learning something. Thanks for the tip! Cheers, Kimberly

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