Thursday, July 17, 2008

eco-site of the day

I found this eco-minded site a couple of days ago and ever since then I've been meaning to write about it. The Lazy Environmentalist is a practical blog about living a easy and convenient green life. I have to admit that he does not exactly follow my way of life in green pursuits and living, but I do blame him or chastise him for this. (For example, one of his posts encourages shopping at Wal-Mart for cheap and earth-friendly products. And while I LOVE saving money, I abhor Wal-Mart. Even though they are jumping on the green wagon, they are still far from getting my approval on their union and worker's rights standards. But I digress.)

(Blogger Josh Dorfman also has a radio show based on the same ideas of his blog.)

One of my favorite things about his blog is that everything is simple and easy to read. And he has had some great links on the blog. I have found many other interesting green-related sites and blogs through the Lazy Environmentalist. So if you're looking for more ideas to save the world and save some money, head over to the Lazy Environmentalist, and you might learn a thing to two.


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