Friday, July 18, 2008

more projects

So, I haven't completed all the projects I've been wanting to. But, oh well. Another day, another project.;)

As of right now, at this current moment, I'm thinking about:
-Finishing our orange juice so I can put the liter bottle in my toilet tank. Gorgeously Green Sophie Uliano has a video of doing this. It's actually a method to use if you have an old toilet and you want to conserve water usage.

(Uliano's website is a great source for new ideas for projects of the week.)

-Write a page a day for a book I want to create/write about how to go green: affordably, creatively, and sustainably. ;)
-Put up our clothesline so we can air dry clothes.
-Finish that insufferable cork board. Seriously, how long does it take a girl cut up a bunch of halved corks and glue them to a hard base? Ridiculous.
-Get the perfect ice cream maker and make some home-made ice cream and sorbet. It's perfect because it doesn't use electricity. Exciting!



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