Monday, July 7, 2008

Enviro-Art: Introducing...Chris Jordan

Cell phones #2 (Intolerable Beauty), Atlanta 2005 44 x 90"

I discovered this artist while reading The Eco-Art blog. (wonderful blog) do check it out. I was immediately intrigued with his lecture and blown away by his work and again reminded of an issue we often forget. We are mass's hard to realize how much we waste as a nation in just one day... and statistics get lost among pools of other numbers and facts. But Digital Photographer, Chris Jordan, effectively captures these statistics within multiple series of photographs including "Running the Numbers- An American Self-Portrait", " Intolerable Beauty- Portraits of American Mass Consumption" and another series titled "In Katrina's Wake- A Portrait of Loss from an Unnatural Disaster". I encourage all readers to check out his work and artist statement on these series/exhibits at

And view this artist lecture...You might even say..." gosh" out loud after viewing this lecture. I did. -Lu-

and yes...he does kind of look like Charlie Sheen.


Matthias Merkel Hess said...

Thanks for mentioning the Eco Art Blog!

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