Sunday, July 13, 2008

A DisneyWorld Surprise

My friends and I went to Disney World while we were in Florida last week. One of the friends has a brother who lives in Orlando and works at Disney. Since he works there, he is able to get guests free tickets to the parks. And how can you pass up a chance to get into Disney free? So we went to the Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios (formerly MGM). While we were in the Animal Kingdom, what did I find to my surprise? Nothing but formidable efforts on Disney's part to jump on the green wagon!

(The Kilimanjaro Safari ride in the Animal Kingdom; very sustainable I'm sure...)

While having a mid-morning snack with my ladies, we noticed we were sipping our tasty carbonated beverage out of a
paper straw. Yes, a paper straw! I had never seen this before, or even heard of it. And then I looked around and began to notice other efforts the park was making. Such as, both trash receptacles and recycling containers and non-bleached and 100% post-consumer waste napkins. Unfortunately, it seem these efforts were only being made in this park. Hollywood Studios did not reflect the same theme in their straws or napkins. When I went online to Disney World's website later on I couldn't find anything about their green efforts. I would have thought they would have had some kind of mission statement somewhere about it, but alas, there is none I can find. But I think, well, at least they're making some effort to become more sustainable and green...but I'm sure they're a long, long way from being remotely sustainable.

C for effort, Disney Word, C for effort...



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