Thursday, July 17, 2008

the perfect ice cream maker

Ok, this might be a bit of over-kill, but I knew I just had to post this when I saw it. It's a non-electric ice cream maker! I've been looking for the best ice cream maker around recently because I've been obsessed with trying out new recipes and making food from scratch. And, oh-my-gosh, I just couldn't believe my eyes, when I found this ice cream maker:

It looks like something your cat would play with, but instead the shape of the maker is intended to help you make the ice cream. And where else did I find this nifty object, but at Bed Bath and Beyond! Score one for the big box stores! [I can't believe just said that;).] Actually, I found it through thenest, because for some reason I think I'm married, when I'm far from it at this point. Anyways, this ice cream maker is at the top of my list to get now, and it should be on yours too if you like to make food and save money! :)


design for mankind. said...

Oh gosh that IS the perfect ice cream maker! :)

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