Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Projects, update (Am)

If anyone recalls, about two weeks or so ago (at the beginning of this blog), I wrote a post about my "projects of the week." Since then I've been busy being a post-graduate worker and getting tired really easily, because, well, I spend at least 8 hours/day on the computer and on the internet. A girl like this gets fatigued easily...why be on the internet anymore than you really, really have to? Being online all the time, has actually, believe it or not made me appreciate being outside and the "outdoors" much more than I ever did before. [Even if the outdoors for me is lounging in my backyard in the sun.]

Sigh. Well, as usual, that was a rant. My point to this rant is, or was, that I have been working on those "projects of the week" that were written about some weeks ago. It was also a lame excuse for my rollercoaster-like posts (i.e. not posting for four or five days and then posting 2-4 posts in one evening).

Even though these projects haven't been going as fast as I had planned, I do have some pictures of one of the ones that is still in progress and pictures of one that I didn't even write about but that I wanted to show off, anyways.

First off, is the corkboard (below). It's still in progress, obviously, but nearing completion. It's a pretty simple project; so far, it's consisted of cutting wine and beer corks in half. I just have to round up some more corks, which shouldn't be too hard in my apartment ;).

(The handmade vino-corkboard.)

And for second, handmade curtain ties. My mom had gotten me a giant, completely impractical curtain that was made of a gorgeous sheer fabric. I eventually somewhat destroyed it but not to the point of where I couldn't use it anymore. All I did was cut out strips of the curtain and tied them around my handmade curtains (which weren't made by me but by the infamous La Martha Stewart de France [Lu's mother]).

(Curtain ties made from, well, actually an old curtain.)

I eventually (one day when there is absolutely nothing else in the world to do) plan on hemming the ties so that they won't fray and unravel any more than they already are. But for now, and for probably quite some time, this works perfectly. :)



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