Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vino, anyone?

I've been browsing a variety of sites today, trying to figure out what is most appropriate for the next post, but I just keep on finding so many things...I can't decide which is the coolest/best!

(A fine, full-bodied Bordeaux, anyone?)

So here's one thing...for those of you who are concerned about the "carbon footprint" your favorite wines are making. Today, I read a post about the actual carbon cost of wine. The writer was curious and took the initiative to find out. In the simplest way I could say, it's like this: if you are on the east side of the United States (see map) then it's better carbon-wise to consume wines that are from Europe (Bordeaux, specifically, according to the writer), and if you live on the mid-west to west side of the U.S. then it's better to get your wines from the California area.
There are definitely more factors to this equation then what I've mentioned, like how it's being transported, what it's being transported in and how it was produced (organically vs. non-organically), but this is just a taste of what to do when browsing through the wine section at your local market. Sante!


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