Monday, June 9, 2008

Your home is a container?

Why not use cargo containers as homes? This was most likely the very question an intelligent human being asked before creating these recycled homes. These are becoming more and more popular and they are indeed sustainable, affordable (depending on the architect), very creative, and you can live inside them.

Here are further links of different Container Home projects currently on the go:
-Container City
-SG Blocks
-Container Bay



Sassy_Mummy_Bird said...

Hiya Lu and Am! It's Kimberly here. I love love love your new blog. Lu, you know I am ALL about this kind of stuff.

As a matter of fact, it is funny you sent me the link to your new blog. I had just been out looking for organic cotton bedding for the baby and getting some cloth/biodegradable nappies (diapers). I look forward to expanding my knowledge of a greener, low impact, organic, natural lifestyle with you all!

PS: I got some great reusable burlap bags in England. They are light years ahead of us with eliminating the old plastic bags.

Can't wait to see you soon! Hope to meet you, Am, soon..I feel like I know you already! xx

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