Thursday, June 19, 2008

cardboard +creativity= furniture

It's quite impressive the things you can do with cardboard. From furniture to giant evil robots...anything is possible with this heavy duty paper product. I stumbled across an interesting article highlighting some of these creations made of cardboard, and am now currently thinking of ways to convince my boyfriend, Mitchell, to make me some cardboard furniture.

For instance, this "Eco-crib" sold by Mothercare is completely made of cardboard. Very adorable, sustainable, and even better... affordable for the price of £27.99...the price roughly equivalent to filling up my gas tank : ( <----- but that's another topic and future entry)
- but not why make your own for even cheaper! Find some sturdy cardboard and make your own design. It can be done. This designer did it...and it seems that Leo Kempf sees no limitations to the potential of cardboard. But just how sturdy are these designs? With the use of corregated cardboard and a sealent much like one used for a pair of suade shoes these coffee tables can be sat on without any bad consequences. I highly recomend a look at his site, his designs are quite impressive.

Some more links to cardboard furniture:
- DesignBoom
-Frank Gehry
-Miss Julia
-CNET Green Furniture

I chose to make an evil robot. What will you do with cardboard?


design for mankind. said...

WOW! I'm with you on the evil robot. ;)

Mrs.French said...

my curiousity is peeked...cardboard huh? I will be checking out these sites...thank you!

Jessie Cacciola said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! i LOVE the concept of yours. :)
- Jessie - xo

Angélique said...

That cardboard crib is awesome!
i love this blog, great concept.

lu-n-am said...

thanks everyone for the comments! truly, truly, truly appreciated!
<3 Lu & Am

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