Thursday, June 5, 2008

Projects of the week (Am's)

Hola. Here's some things I've got cookin' for this week:

1. Cork Board. I've been working on this thing for couple of weeks now, but I'd like to get this done soon. Pieces of cork have been lying around my kitchen "island" and living room coffee table wondering if they're just their for their good looks and sweet reminders of good, wine-y times.
2. Charger Box. Gah - I very much dislike (hate? no) cords all over the floor. I trip on them all the time.3. Shoe Rack. I trip and fall over my boyfriends' shoes all the time. They greet me everyday I come into my apt. Of course, I seem to have a problem with tripping, so maybe it's just me; nevertheless, this must stop.
4. Cards for Special People. A variety of people in my life have some birthdays comin' up, so I want to make them some handmade cards to brighten up their days. :)


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