Saturday, June 14, 2008

# 3 for Sustainable Living

Here's an idea: dry your clean, wet clothes on a clothesline, instead of a dryer!

Drying your clothes out in the bright, lovely (and lately scorchering) sun will of course be better for the environment than drying your clothes in a heat-building, energy-sucking dryer! [Even if you have a super-energy efficient "Energy Star" one;)]. It will also make your clothes smell nice & fresh!(My AFFORDABLE clothesline from a cheap non-Wal-Mart store. Just $2, & still unhung.)

I've been thinking about doing this for a while; the idea of hanging clothes up on a line on a gorgeous bright, sunny day makes me feel very bright just thinking about it! The only caveat I'm afraid of is that there might be lots of bugs, spiders, etc. that might want to join the clothing in the process, and I'd like to not fight with my clothing every time they're dry...
Anyways, here's couple of the spots I'm contemplating in our backyard for a clothesline:And I've just recently read about this Clothesline book that has sweet stories, nice-smelling recipes & lovely tellings about the memories and the comeback of the clothesline. So nice. It'd be a perfect very, very early Mother's Day gift. :)


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