Thursday, June 12, 2008

The No-Plastic Revolution continues....

The many reasons of never ever using a plastic grocery bag not only include helping your environment, but also being able to use....reuse &...use again...and continue using one of these instead:

My sweet mom, Lucienne, also known as "La Martha Stewart of France" due to her incessant creativity and masterful skills has been busy sewing these three bags. These bags are patterned after your original grocery store plastic bag & made of recycled fabric including one of my very very old "old navy" sweatshirts. Props to this webite: for giving mom very good directions on how to create these lovely bags.

and if you think paper bags are better like I may want to take a look at this:

Video brought to you by Pretty Green. If you don't have the sewing myself, or you don't have a Martha Stewart in your family...just check out these lovely bags from Pretty Green.


Nicolas said...

Felicitations Lucienne! Nice bags. And Eli is not the last one to appreciate them! We are all so quick to buy and so quick to throw things away... almost compulsive, like some addiction to consuming and scraping. Always gobbling up something new. Good to take some distance and to go for some more ''simple'' and meaningful things. Kisses to you, lu' n am'. And congrats for your blog.

Michelle Dawn said...

So cute! Thanks :)

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